Remembering James Rachels (1941-2003)

Here are some obituaries and tributes.

Obituary in The New York Times

Jim's obituary appeared directly underneath Warren Zevon's. Jim would have loved that, since he was a fan of Zevon's music.

Local obituary

The Birmingham News ran this nice piece the day after James Rachels died.

Two Dead Dads

Non-fiction by Kurtis Davidson. 'Kurtis Davidson' is the pen-name for the writing team of David Rachels and Kurt Ayau. David is James Rachels' older son. Kurt's father died at around the same time as David's, and here they swap stories. (Click here to go to the official Kurtis Davidson website.)

Text of Stuart Rachels' eulogy

Listen to recordings of funeral speakers:
                    Stuart Rachels
                    Ada Long
                    E. Culpepper (Cully) Clark
                    Lynn Stephens   [graveside]